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Hide Files Software

The program hides files and folders, making your personal files invisible to file managers and search software, protecting your data from unauthorized access.

No matter how you access the computer drives - directly from Windows Explorer, over a local network or Internet, the hidden files and folders remain invisible. Moreover, the program can be used to hide files and folders on removable media: flash drives and portable hard-disks.

Hide-files employs a unique technology that does not require installing any drivers or services, unlike other similar software. This simplifies the installation and usage (no need for Administrator rights) and protects your files even if someone uninstalls the tool. FAT, FAT32 and NTFS file systems are supported.

Hide-files can be uninstalled from the PC and all your hidden files will still remain hidden.

The program is protected by a startup password, so no one except you can view the list of the files you hide.

Hide-files ensures that the operating system functionality will not be affected by hiding critical files. The program does not allow hiding files that are used by the system or other applications at the moment.

We ensure that you will never lose your hidden files, even if the password is lost, they can still be recovered.

Why hide files?

  • a simple and fast way to hide and unhide files and folders;
  • open files directly from the program without having to make them visible first and hide them later on;
  • hide files on removable media - USB flash drives, portable hard drives;
  • unique technology that uniformly handles the FAT, FAT32 and NTFS file systems;
  • startup password;
  • no service or driver installation is required;
  • no need for Administrator rights;
  • hidden files remain hidden after the program is uninstalled.